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4 Men, One Night...

Sometimes I just know it’s going to be a crazy night. It’s predisposed by that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, like a nervous excitement from an unknown origin.

A chug of the cheapest tequila Bedford Avenue’s ‘Bottle Shoppe’ had to offer brought me to my senses, and made me regret not spending the extra $10 for something a bit more decent. Still reeling from the rocket fuel, I racked up a couple of lines onto the shiny, chipped blue plate that I reserved for the finest Columbia had to offer. Energy for the night coursed through my body and I felt alive again. Nose and throat still stinging, I grabbed my keys and hot stepped it towards the Bedford L.

I hated the journey to work. In reality it only took about 35 minutes door to door. Take the Bedford L to Union Square. Then the R or W up to 57th Street. It felt like it took an age and the sterile lights on the train made even the most beautiful look garish. The alcohol and drugs started to wear off as the train trotted along.

Once inside the club, I quickly had a couple of shots and a bump to keep me in the sweet spot. Then it was time to prowl. Nothing major happened in the first couple of hours. I did some lap dances, drank some more shots. Pretty standard stuff.

Then I saw two very handsome men sitting to the left side of the stage. They were engrossed in some pretty deep conversation, so much so that they didn’t seem to notice the stunning Russian supermodel gyrating naked on the stage in front of them. That’s never a good sign. Sometimes men go to strip clubs to hang out and not spend money. I was about to turn away and hunt somewhere else, but they noticed me standing there. After a pause in their conversation, they beckoned me over.

“Can we buy you a drink beautiful?” This was the shorter one of the two. He had floppy dark hair framing his handsome face, with delicious olive skin and deep set, dark eyes. He had an accent that I couldn’t place.

“Sure!’ I replied, happy to keep the tequila at an optimum level. “So what are you guys up to tonight?’

“We’re looking for a beautiful woman to play with, and you caught our attention.” Said the taller one, also with beautiful olive skin and dark eyes. He had short hair and a face that I just wanted to sit on.

I sat between the two guys and we began getting to know each other a little. As we chatted, the taller guy began to lightly trail his fingers across the bare skin on my thigh. It sent shivers up my spine and I gasped slightly.

“Do you like that baby girl?” he asked. I nodded.

It took me a moment to remember I was in fact at work, and my time was not free.

“If you want to have some fun with me, then we need to go to the private room where we can be alone. Let’s have some drinks. I have some party.” I threw out there.

Tall and Short had a whispered conversation between themselves, then they both agreed to follow my lead.

The hostess set us up in the most private (and so the most expensive) room in the place. Normally they don’t allow one girl with two guys in the room. Each guy has to have a girl all of their own. It was slow on this evening however, so I guess they let it slide. Each guy had to pay $2,000 for the hour. Out of that I got $1,000 and the club got $3,000. The club always wins.

Once the guys had paid and the hostess had furnished us with drinks, we were alone. It’s a bit weird being alone with a customer in a private room at first, and I had two guys in this case, but it felt comfortable… probably because I was a little drunk, and very aroused. Tall and Short being easy on the eye didn’t hurt either.

We drank some tequila, and then I poured out some of Columbia’s finest onto the top of my right breast. I offered it to the guys, they each took it in turns to snort off my skin. Short went first, then Tall. Tall used his tongue to lick the rest off my breast when he was done, and then he slid my skimpy dress down to my waist. It wasn’t long before his mouth made contact. My nipples instantly hardened and I felt that familiar throb descend deep between my legs. I was done for.

I try not to fuck everyone at work. It’s easy when they’re ugly, or there is a weird vibe. In those cases I just keep spoon feeding them cocaine so they stay flaccid and just want to talk incessantly. In this case though, I was incredibly attracted to both guys and I was horny as hell. ‘Fuck it,’ I thought, before grabbing Tall’s head and guiding his lips towards mine.

He was a very sensual kisser, gently caressing my lips with his tongue and then kissing me deeply. He grabbed my waist and pulled my body towards his, his hands exploring my curves. I could feel myself getting more slippery as his fingers gently pinched my rock hard nipples, running circles around them. Soft moans involuntarily escaped as my body naturally began to buck towards Tall.

Not wanting to leave Short out, I turned my face towards his and smiled at him before he pounced on my mouth. His kisses were more urgent and frantic. He was breathing heavily and I could see the bulge developing in his pants. His soft hands were rough as they hungrily groped my flesh. A breast squeezed between one hand, while the other grabbed at the now soaking wet fabric of my tiny red thong. We ended up in a heap on the musty shag-pile carpet.

I heard the sound of a zip unfurling. Kneeling beside me, Tall was releasing himself from his fabric prison. I was eye to eye with a long and slender cock. Brown skin and glistening from his own wetness. Tall stoked himself and I gazed into his glazed eyes, watching him get harder and his eyes get darker.

Without much warning, Short ripped my thong to the side and plunged one of his thick fingers into me, causing my head to roll back and my hips to rock up to meet him. He moved his finger inside me like he kissed. Fast and furiously. Moans ripped out of me as he added another finger into the mix. I was drenching his hand as he worked.

Short had somehow managed to free his short and fat dick while half of his hand was lost in me. There I was, laying on my back on a nasty carpet with two cocks being waved at me by two beautiful men. And I was getting paid.

I reached out both of my hands and grabbed both men at the same time. They began to groan as I gently stroked them both in unison. With one hand on Short, I guided Tall towards my mouth.

After swirling my tongue around his wet head, I slowly slid him between my lips. His head flew back as he thrust his hips towards my face. Slowly he began to fuck my mouth, gently grinding himself deeper down my throat. He was long and shaped like a torpedo. I couldn’t fit his whole length into my mouth.

“It’s my turn now.” Short all but begged. His fingers still inside me.

Rolling onto my front, I got onto all fours to tackle Short’s fat mushroom head. My tongue got him nice and wet as he moaned. My lips stretched wide to fit around him as he began to fuck my face. Short grabbed my head and pushed me down his shaft. My teeth dug into my lips as I wrapped them to protect his delicate part.

“I need to be inside you.” Tall gasped as he fought to slide a pre-arranged condom down his torpedo.

I was so ready to be fucked. I was throbbing. I was soaking. I was desperate.

Tall finally figured out the condom and slowly pushed himself into me from behind. My deep moan was muffled by Short’s cock. He completely filled me up. He slid into me excruciatingly slowly, so I could feel every inch of him. His pace was slow and deliberate. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him with every thrust. Short was still frantically fucking my mouth. Every time he thrusted, he pushed my whole body back onto Tall’s waiting cock. The tug of war had begun.

“I don’t’ want to cum yet, stop!” exclaimed Tall as he ripped out of me. I felt empty.

“My turn.” Short was squeezing his huge mushroom head into a condom. It looked like it should hurt him as it was so snug.

Pushing me down onto my back, Short spread my legs open wide and shoved his fat cock into me in one big thrust. His moan was animalistic as he entered me. Mine was half extreme pleasure and part a little pain. He was really thick. Once my body gave way to his though, it felt incredible. I was stretched open wide as he fucked me. Really hard. Really fast.

Tall reached his hand between our bucking bodies and tried to find my clit. He was a little left, so I guided his hand to the right spot. His slender finger began making small circles around the entirely engorged area. My body responded to him and a build-up began in the pit of my stomach. Tall lay next to me and kissed me deeply as he worked my clit. I reached out a hand to stroke his torpedo, but he stopped me.

“This is about you.” He said as he brought me closer. I knew it wouldn’t be long, the build-up was getting stronger and my legs were already shaking. Short was fucking me so hard and Tall’s fingers moved a little faster. He kissed me deeply and I think I blacked out slightly as an orgasm ravaged my whole body, from the pit of my stomach outwards. In delicious waves.

Short lost control as I gripped him tightly, my waves of orgasm massaging his cock. With one last huge thrust, I felt his cock throb into me. Expending all he had. Short crumpled into a fetal position, he looked innocent. The opposite of the animal that had just fucked the hell out of me. My body was trembling.

There wasn’t any down time though. Tall was beside himself after watching what had gone down. Flipping me onto my stomach, Tall swiftly entered me from behind. He lay his whole body on top on mine as he thrust into me. Kissing and biting my neck. Holding my hands in his. His slow thrusts building in speed.

My pussy was raw but still soaking. His long cock pushed all the way into me, as deep as anyone had ever been. Part of him was hitting a spot that not everyone can reach. Near my cervix is a spot that makes me cum through penetration alone. It is a rare thing, but I could feel it happening now.

“Holy fuck, you’re going to make me cum.” I yelled out as Tall started moving faster, his moans intensifying.

There’s a moment you can tell that a man is about to cum. Not only does his pace quicken, but his cock gets even harder and you can feel a rush of endorphins inside. Maybe it’s a chemical reaction, maybe it just really excited me. Either way, I felt that rush from Tall and I knew he was about to explode.

It was too much, and my body convulsed as waves cascaded out from deep inside me, to my fingers, toes and the top of my head. Tall was emptying his load as I came back to consciousness again. I think he pushed my cervix inside itself he was so deep.

All in shock. All satiated. All a little self-conscious. I suggested we have a drink and a bump to re-energize. We spent the rest of the private room in a little pile on the floor. Snorting cocaine off of each other’s bodies and laughing about what had occurred. We switched numbers, but I didn’t think we’d see each other again. It was a transaction after all.

Tall tipped me $1,000 for my time. Not bad considering I probably had the most fun.

I never did find out where their accents were from, but wherever it was, the place produced incredible men.


Emerging from a steamy private room session is like stepping out of an all night club into the glaring light of morning. It feels foreign and you feel very vulnerable. Like a scarlet letter is burned into your chest and everyone knows what you were up to. Breaking the rules. Making it harder for the more prudish girls to make money.

I scarpered to the bathroom to have a baby wipe bath in a toilet stall, making sure to sniff a couple of bumps while I did so. Thank god strip club bathrooms are supplied with a cacophony of beauty supplies to keep you looking right. A spritz of deodorant and perfume. Some dry shampoo to conceal the hair sweat. Fresh make up and a new change of clothes. I was as good as new.

With crisp resolve, I wondered back into the belly of the club, feeling surprisingly chipper. Maybe due to the endorphin rushing orgasms. I scanned the room to determine my next victim. Tall and Short were long gone by this point. ‘Shame’ I thought, it would have been nice to grab a farewell drink with them.

I’m a sucker for long haired and bearded men (mostly why I choose to live in Brooklyn). It’s rare to find those creatures amongst the clean shaven and preppy bankers that frequented the club, but tonight my luck came up. Sat alone in the corner was a rough but beautiful looking man. His manly hands and forearms showed beneath simple t-shirt sleeves and his dark hair was pulled back into a messy pony tail. Big blue eyes sat above a very thick but very groomed beard. He looked like a Viking.

With cocaine and fresh make-up confidence, I went to sit with this Viking.

“Hi there, how you going?” the Viking drawled in a thick Scottish accent. I was dead. Done for. The Scottish accent is pure umami to my ears. We chatted for a while and sipped on some Jameson. Conversation was easy and his crinkled, glazed eyed suggested he’d been out on the sauce for a while. Turns out the dude was an actor. I hadn’t recognized him at first, but then I remembered watching him on the big screen recently. He’d had shorter hair then and was playing an American in a cheesy rom-com.

Already having exceeded my nightly target of $1,000, I gave less than zero fucks about making any money from this guy. Anything else was just a bonus at this point. The lack of desperation is very attractive to the opposite sex. The less you try in the club, the more people want you.

So it was to my huge surprise when this Scottish Viking asked if I was interested in the private room. That was usually my line. He said he wanted to be out of the prying eyes of the public. I didn’t care about that, but I did care about money.

Knowing he must have grossed a couple of million from his last film, I didn’t hesitate in suggesting the most pricy room. Viking accepted and it wasn’t long before we were holed up on the sofa in the room I had just orgasmed all over. The room smelled like sex. The scent was as intoxicating as Viking was handsome. Even at the age of 50 he was fucking hot. The accent really sealed the deal though. He talked like he had a mouth full of golf balls, the words rolling around before oozing out.

“So how many times have you been back in the private rooms tonight?” Viking enquired.

“This is my first time tonight.” I lied. Even famous people wanted to feel like they were special.

Viking slung his arm around me as we sipped on some more Jameson. My heart began to race from the close proximity of his pheromones and manly frame, or maybe it was from the cocaine. I could smell the ethanol on his breath as he moved closer.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked. Now that was a sweet surprise. Most men don’t ask, especially when in a strip club. Physical contact is expected.

I smiled and leaned my lips closer. Viking grabbed my hair in his hands and kissed me passionately. It was almost a laughable carbon copy of a rom-com kissing scene. Except in a strip club. I stifled my giggle with his soft lips and mirrored his movements. His hair was slick with hair product, soft and oily. His alcohol soaked tongue penetrated my mouth as I gently sucked on it.

“I want to taste you.” He drawled, gently pushing me back onto the faux leather (plastic/wipe clean) sofa. I panicked for a moment that he would be able to detect the unmistakable plastic flavor from the condoms that were inside me a mere hour ago. Viking was pretty messed up though. He pulled my black underwear down my legs, exposing me to him. He groaned as his face disappeared between my thighs, inciting my own groans.

His tongue lapped gently and discovered where my now swollen clit was. Viking has knowingly been around the block a few times, and this was evident in his expert technique. I throbbed beneath his tongue. Wetness billowing out of me and down his chin, soaking his beard. He slowly slid one of his long fingers into me as he brought me closer and closer. My hips naturally mirrored his tongue thrusts and I kind of lost my mind a little bit. Thank god for his promiscuity.

It wasn’t long until I felt my orgasm building. Grabbing his oily soft hair and pulling him closer, my hips bucked against him and I exploded all over his beautiful face. Deep groans emanated from me as shock waves electrified my body. Viking sucked up my juices and told me I tasted good. He must have a penchant for plastic and lubrication.

Pulling the t-shirt over his head exposing a tanned and fit body, Viking unbuckled his belt and pulled out a massive cock. Wide and long, matching his big dick energy. I grabbed a condom from my stripper bag of tricks and stuffed him into it.

“This is what you really want isn’t it?” he drawled in that fucking hot accent as he pushed my legs back over my head, exposing my wetness to him. Feeling Viking sliding into me, and watching his crinkled, tanned face tilt back in pleasure, is one of the most erotic moments of my recent life. It felt like one of his rom-coms unfolding in front of me, in real time. The X-rated version.

His cock was perfect. He felt perfect. It was mind blowing. It was loud. It was wet. It was hard. I could have died right then and been happy.

Viking favored slow and sensual strokes. He made love to me. We locked eyes and I could feel him getting close. With a few powerful thrusts that all but split me in two, he began to convulse. His whole body violently spasmed and thrashed around. A noise akin to a dog barking escaped from his lips. One bark to match each convulsion. He exploded inside me with a force that took my breath away.

Once the spasms subsided, Viking collapsed on top of me and giggled subconsciously.

“Sorry, I’m really weird.” He mumbled.

“Not at all, that was so powerful and intense. I felt you cumming throughout my whole body.” I responded. Kind of awe struck.

He remained inside me while we held each other and chatted. Turns out Viking is quite funny and he kept making me laugh.

“I love the way your pussy grips me when you laugh.” He said before telling me another joke to keep the laughter going.

Was I dreaming? How was this work?! I wasn’t wrong in my earlier prediction of a crazy night….

Viking also gave me a fat tip and his phone number. He lived in LA but often came to New York to film. I would DEFINTELY be seeing him again if I could help it. God bless that man.


Still reeling from the evening’s activities, and in shock from the Viking encounter, I repeated my ‘post-sex-at-work’ routine. This was unprecedented behavior. I’m a low key sex addict, so obviously I fucked at work when the time was right and it felt hot. Never had I ever fucked 3 different guys in one night.

My pussy was stinging and it still felt occupied. Like I was being fucked with every step I took around the club. Is it possible to bruise your pussy? I had made over $4,000 that night, and the club was closing in 30 minutes, so I slumped down in a quiet corner to sip some whiskey and contemplate the night.

Still giggling to myself about what had just occurred, I looked across the room and saw one of my favorite customers stumble down the stairs into the basement club. He was always so fucked up. His silver hair crumpled from what was probably a full day of drinking. This regular customer lives in a hotel in SoHo while in New York. The rest of Regular’s time is spent touring the world and playing music.

Smiling warmly I greeted him with a hug as he kissed my cheek.

“Bobbi I love you!” He slurred, “Do you have any party? I need it!”

“Yes baby, I’ve got you.” I cooed. “But the club is closing soon, can we go to your place?”

He agreed and we had a drink as the DJ spun the final tracks of the evening.

Regular stood swaying on the corner of 53rd and Broadway, his glassy eyes fixated on the ground to maintain some semblance of balance. I collected him and hailed us a cab. The cab driver rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath, as I spoon fed Regular a bump of coke and took one for myself. My dealer had got some great shit this time. It wasn’t long before Regular was sitting upright and forming coherent sentences. He chatted about his night. He had been with a trans woman that was apparently the mistress of a very famous actor. Funny as the other day I had read that this actor and his wife had recently had a baby….

Lights blurred past as we sped downtown. It was 4.30am. I loved the city at this time. There was barely any traffic and only very interesting people graced the streets. A calm quiet blankets the city that never sleeps. Often I’ll wander the streets in the dead of night, feeling naively safe, and enjoying the peace.

We pulled up at Regular’s hotel. The night doorman let us in with a knowing smirk to me and a “Good evening Sir” to Regular. My arm protectively looped through his as I helped him to the elevator. Regular has a very child-like quality about him, and my nurturing side always really kicked in around him.

The heavy, dark wood door swung open over the impossibly thick and plush cream carpet. I loved this hotel, it always smelled expensive and the moody, dark, modern interior hugged you as you stepped inside. Regular’s instruments were strewn around the place along with empty wine bottles. He pulled out two oversized wine glasses and poured some deep ruby red wine for us. After struggling to remember the code to his safe, he handed me $2,000 in crisp $100 dollar bills. This exchange happened wordlessly on his part. It was our routine. Second nature. I thanked him and he waved the thanks off, like it was nothing. That took my nightly earnings to $6,000… not bad at all.

Instantly relaxing in this luxurious cocoon, I flopped onto Regular’s bed while finally kicking off my fucking heels. Torture devices that made me way too tall for most men’s comfort, but mandatory in the setting I worked in.

Regular grabbed my bag of coke and helped himself to a bump before passing it to me. He lay next to me on the fluffy white bedding and nuzzled my neck. Regular and I had a mostly platonic relationship, but sometimes things heated up if he was in a certain mood.

Feeling his fingers begin to play with the fabric of my dress, I could tell that tonight he was definitely in that certain kind of a mood. I took a quick mental inventory. I had fucked three guys already that evening, did I really want to do this? Regular and I had spent enough time together over that last few years, that he was extremely well versed on my body. With these thoughts still ruminating, my body decided to take over.

Regular was flicking his tongue gently up and down my neck… pure crack to my senses. His hand had slipped beneath the fabric of my dress and was caressing the skin adjacent to my thong. My legs parted for him and he moaned as I kissed his beautiful lips, scarred from playing his instruments.

A finger found its way inside my underwear to make instant contact exactly where I wanted it. Regular knew how to dip his finger inside me and use that wetness to caress my clit. Using gentle and quick flicks of his finger, or small circles around my rawest nerves, Regular had me melting and moaning all over him within a matter of moments.

“Mmmm baby, you cum so well for me. You’ve soaked my bed.” He said while sliding his fingers between my lips so I could taste what he had done to me.

“Fuck me.” I moaned.

Regular has a small cock that is as pale as his white hair. There is a perfect curve to him that hits my g-spot as he fucks me. He makes me squirt every single time. That’s not usually a common occurrence.

Pushing my legs back, Regular slid into me. His eyes rolled back and his tongue darted around his open lips as he felt my wetness. Like clockwork, his dick began to massage my g-spot and make me moan deeply. With my legs in his hands, he pushed into me as deeply as he could and groaned my name as he bucked. Short, sharp thrusts got a little faster as he told me about how he had been fucked by the trans woman earlier that night.

Regular is bi-sexual and loved to talk about his conquests while he fucked me. It turned me on too and I loved hearing his stories.

“She showed up in sexy lingerie underneath a long coat. I was instantly hard when she opened that coat. She told me to undress and made me get on my knees. She made me her little bitch. I begged her to fuck me, but first she made me suck her big cock. I was on my knees and she just shoved it into my mouth. I was gagging and she shoved it further down my throat. Then she told me to bend over.”

Regular was getting more frantic now, he was fucking me really hard and I was so close to squirting, I could feel it.

“She spat on my ass and then stuck her dick into me. My cock was so hard. She fucked me while I jerked myself off. I love feeling her inside me, it’s better than anything I’ve ever felt.”

With that Regular grunted like a swine as he jerked his cum deep into me with short but powerful thrusts. His little thrusts against my g-spot pushed me over the edge and I squirted hard. The liquid flew out of me and shot upwards, covering us both.

“Baby you know how to suck every last drop out of me, I love you so much.” He whispered as he pulled out of me.

“I love you too.” I did love him. While he was inside me I was completely in love with him.

There was a pretty epic wet spot, so we recovered on the other side of the bed. Limbs entwined, satiated and sleepy.

Car horns were honking outside, the city was waking up and sunlight peeked through a crack in the heavy velvet curtains. Luckily I never had any trouble sleeping after cocaine.

As I drifted off I knew that I had surpassed any previous crazy nights. 4 men in one night. Well... fuck me.

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