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Hotel Lobby

Have you ever been so aroused that the world around you disappears, and the only thing you see is the man with his hand up your dress?

One lunchtime I had the pleasure of this experience.

After spending some time within the safety of the club, pressed against one of my most loyal regulars, it felt comfortable enough to meet him in the real world. The One That Never Was and I had been in fairly regular contact, and in New York City you’re never too far away from another human if something was to go sideways, so I agreed to meet him in the wild.

The only thing I was worried about, was the fact that I was to meet The One That Never Was in bright, unfiltered, unforgiving DAYLIGHT. God bless whoever designed the lighting scheme in the strip club… the soft, dark blue and red tones erased most flaws. Alcohol erased the rest. Daylight however, illuminated everything. I’m hungover most days too, so it takes a few hours, and a good layer of make-up, to get me public ready. This lunchtime I was coming in hot (as in hot mess).

Luckily though, lust creates the best rose tinted view of the object of your desire.. After much foreplay in the club, both The One That Never Was and I were dazzled with the brightest rose tints.

Nervously I walked through the main entrance of a 5 star Times Square hotel. Trying to look like I belonged there, my eyes quickly scanned the room to determine the quickest route to the hotel bar. Turns out it was up a flight of stairs to the right of the main desk. Breathing slowly and deeply to both calm my nerves and ease the heartburn from last night’s over-indulgence, I slowly ascended the carpeted stars.

The bar was almost empty, and thankfully fairly dimly lit. The windows overlooking Times Square had tints to protect from sunlight, and to help me look more demure. I paused and glanced from left to right, searching for my date. The One That Never Was sat nestled in a corner booth, the dark leather seat setting off his light grey suit perfectly. His cool, calm demeanor sent shivers down my body as he smiled and watched me cross the room to him.

I slid into the semi-circular booth, the leather catching on my bare legs as I reached across to greet The One That Never Was with a kiss on the cheek. As my lips made contact with his soft skin, more shivers danced through me and arousal started brewing between us.

There was a pot of tea sat before us on the table with two cups. I had been hoping for champagne, but The One That Never Was had an important meeting that afternoon and didn’t fancy impaired judgement. He did something in finance that I barely understood, but feigned an interest in whenever he brought it up. He poured some earl grey into my cup and the delicate aroma filled the charged air between us.

The One That Never Was moved a little closer to me. The heat in my body spiked a few degrees. His fingers traced my left collarbone.

“You have the most beautiful neck and shoulders. I love the part where your neck curves into your shoulder.”

I began to melt under his touch and words. He always gave the most unusual compliments, none of the usual ‘You have nice eyes’ nonsense. It felt like he really saw me. Or he was just really good at what he did.

Timidly I took a sip from the hot liquid in my cup, hands shaking slightly. He made me nervous and I didn’t like it.

Looking deeply into my eyes, The One that Never Was said, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot Bobbi. Can I touch you?”

His words caused my legs to spread open a little. He was intensely looking into my eyes and I saw his pupils dilate slightly. Grazing my lips with his own, he moved even closer to me in the leather booth. The heat between us was palpable, our chemistry had been overwhelming from the first moment we laid eyes on each other in the club.

My face flushed as The One That Never Was brushed the outside of my bare thigh with his fingertips, sending chills through the heat. I had chosen to wear a thin, polka dot dress and no bra for this hot summer’s day. My hardening nipples became visible beneath the light fabric. His eyes were drawn to their vicinity and he smirked slightly. Discreetly, The One That Never Was began to tease my left nipple. It was incredible. Moisture was seeping into my lace thong and my body organically arched toward him. His breath matched mine in a deep, ragged nature.

Two business men sat at the bar within direct eyeline of our steamy booth. I vaguely noticed them arrive. Somewhere in a dreamy periphery were a couple of bus boys chatting and gazing in our general direction. My attention was solely fixed on this handsome and slightly nerdy man before me. His soft, brown curls framed the top of his head. His deep blue eyes bore into mine. His 6’4”, athletic frame felt excruciatingly close, but too clothed for proper appreciation. There was a very impressive bulge in his light grey suit pants, with a small damp patch where the tip of him ended. I wanted him and could see nothing but him. The lust was raw and real, and it took over.

The One That Never Was continued to caress my nipple as he put his other hand to use. Slowly he moved his fingers to the inside of my bare thigh. Slowly he traced them higher and higher, disappearing under the hem of my dress. Opening my legs fully for him, he stroked the skin at the very top of my inner thigh. Lightly kissing my lips, he suppressed my moans somewhat.

“I need to be inside you.” He whispered as he pulled my soaking underwear to one side, gasping as he felt my wetness.

I was swollen and wet, ready to be ravaged by him. The One That Never Was gently teased me a little, then he slowly plunged one of his beautiful fingers inside; making sure to kiss me as he did so, to stifle the noise.

“You’re so wet baby.” I could hear my wetness as he moved inside me.

The One That Never Was fucked me with his finger. Slow and deep strokes. Discreet. My hips moved towards him, a little less discreetly. His thumb found my engorged clit and lightly flicked it as he fucked me. I was being stimulated in three hot zones, my nipple, my clit and my pussy. I’m so thankful for whichever woman took the time to teach The One That Never Was, he knew exactly where and how to touch me. Our chemistry was intense and only became more so as he worked my body. The world had vanished and all that existed were his eyes, lips and hands.

My body began to tremble beneath his touch and I started to see stars as he moved his fingers a little faster. A delicious feeling started to build beneath my clit, it spread upwards to the base of my stomach. I could feel the imminent explosion.

“You’re going to make me cum.” I breathed into his kisses.

“Let it go baby.”

With his lips clamped onto mine, The One That Never Was really picked up the pace. His finger was really fucking me now and his thumb was going to town on my clit. Flicking me gently but with vibrator speed. My vision went black and the ball of energy in my stomach grew. After a short pause, the energy blissfully gave way to waves that shook me hard. I moaned deeply into his mouth and he held my pussy tight as it pulsated around his finger.

Gradually my body subsided, I opened my eyes as he pulled out of me with a smile on his face. The finger that had been lost in me was covered in my juices, he slowly slid it into his mouth and sucked all of me off of him.

“Mmmmm, delicious.” He kissed me and I could taste my pussy on his tongue.

I was in some kind of delirium as the room came back into focus. Sounds, light and scents flooded into my perception. My first realization was that the bus boys were sniggering with eyes fixed on me. Then I noticed that the damp patch on The One That never Was’s pants had grown in size, as had his erection. I wanted him so fucking badly. His cock looked so appetizing, straining through the fabric.

“Can we get a room in this hotel?” I pleaded.

“I would absolutely love to baby, but I have to get to my meeting soon. You owe me one though.” He laughed in response.

And so began our orgasm tally (of which I eventually won as he could easily get me off anywhere and everywhere…. More stories to cum….). Eventually I would feel his perfect cock inside me.

I shuffled my thong back into the correct position, pussy still tingling, then had a sip of tea. Trying to fully regain composure. After some flirty conversation and the promise of another meet up, The One that Never Was had to bounce. His erection was mostly under control, and a copy of the Wall Street Journal hid the pre-cum damp patch. Maybe light grey wasn’t the best choice of suit for that day.

As we gathered ourselves and headed for the carpeted stairs down to the lobby, the business men at the bar smiled and nodded at us. One gave me a wink and I felt my already flushed face turn the color of a fire truck. They probably thought I was a hooker. Well, I guess I was sometimes, but this time I was just horny as fuck and needed to cum.

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