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I have many regulars at the club, and I like most of them. I’ve fucked some of them, but not all of them. One of my regulars stands out from the rest however.

His name is Ace…. Holy shit…. Thank God for this man. Ace is the kind of rugged, sexy creature that would stop me dead in my tracks if I passed him on the street. He has this brooding, sexual undercurrent that is palpable. His quiet demeanor and smoldering looks render me a quivering wreck.

Ace has sandy blonde hair that’s in a brand new version of edgy and disheveled each time I see him. He has tattoos adorning the vast majority of his flesh, which is usually draped in very unique, yet classic clothing items. Once he sauntered into the club wearing a velvet jacket, furnished with polka dot pocket square, and tight black pants. This visual and energetic combo is pure crack to me. It’s like mainlining every time I’m near him.

I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on Ace. It was a very slow night at the club and most of the girls were sitting around the periphery looking bored. I was feeling antsy, so did a lap of the room every now and then. Fate struck, as one of those laps brought me into Ace’s path just as he was settling into a stage side table. Back then his hair was longer on top and kind of slicked back above the shaved sides. A collapsed mohawk. He had on a brown tweed three-piece suit. Ace’s tattooed hand grabbed his drink and I felt my stomach flip. ‘Fuck me’ was my first thought.

Ace has a very calm energy, and when I approached him he seemed pretty non-plussed. It felt like a let-down. ‘Of course the hottest guy in here doesn’t want to have anything to do with me’ my insecure self taunted. I had already sat down next to him though, so decided to at least get a drink out of him.

I ordered a Jameson from one of the hovering waitresses. Ace spoke very little which made me babble on to fill the silence. He was very polite and seemed interested in listening to me, but I didn’t feel an attraction on his part. I just wanted to get through my drink and slink away in shame. This job was tough when you felt un-wanted, especially when you had the hots for the rejecter.

Just as I was about to walk away, one of the hostesses approached us to try and sell time in the private room. When the club is quiet they’re like vultures, pecking at men to spend money. To my complete astonishment, Ace turned to me and said, “Do you want to?” Men are so hard to read sometimes, especially Ace. He keeps his cards close to his chest.

Picking my jaw up off the floor, I nodded. The hostess whisked us away like a fucked up fairy godmother. Ace just wanted the Champagne Room, which is semi-private and the cheapest of the bunch. It cost him $600, of which I got $200. It wasn’t financially viable to go to this room on a busy night, you could make way more on the floor doing lap dances. Since this night was quiet, I was happy to be making something, and with a man so hot that he made me nervous.

Ace slouched into one of the chairs in the corner of the dark and narrow room. It was empty apart from us, which made it feel more erotically charged. I was about to be alone with a guy that was way too hot to be there. Nerves crept in like evil butterflies swarming my stomach.

After a few sips of whiskey, I began an awkward lap dance. I was incredibly confident at work, unless I had a crush on the subject. It rendered me nervous and almost shy. Ace began to groan lightly as I moved on top of him which made me relax somewhat. He was enjoying it, good.

Looking over my shoulder at him, I slipped the straps of my long black dress down over my shoulders, and Ace’s hands naturally began to stroke my skin. His touch was electric and prickled across my whole body. With the dress still around my waist, I turned to face Ace and straddled him in his chair. After the briefest of moments, and without a second thought, our lips found each other. He kissed me deeply and with a passion that was unfurling from beneath his iron clad exterior. I lost myself in his embrace. Body temperature spiking.

I began to slowly grind my hips against his crotch and kiss into his moans, mimicking sex through our clothes. Ace’s hands travelled up my waist, causing shivers wherever he touched. Lightening bolts from his fingers. My nipples were begging to be caressed and he answered their silent pleas. Taking my breasts roughly in his tattooed hands, he guided my right nipple into his mouth. There is a fabulous, direct link between my nipples and my clit. As he sucked on me, I felt a delicious throbbing sensation between my legs. Losing control of reality, my head leaned backwards as soft moans murmured from my lips. My hips continued to buck against him as my thong collected the juices that were beginning to flow out of me.

Ace was growing between my legs and he felt really fucking hard. I positioned myself directly over his clothed erection and began to rub my thong up and down his shaft. His moans suggested he was enjoying the sensation as much as I was. All that sat between our excited bodies were two thin layers of fabric. All I wanted in that moment was to feel him inside me. It was already written and we both knew it.

I reached my hand between my legs and began loosening Ace’s belt. His lips were busy sucking on my left nipple and it was driving me crazy. Hungrily I pulled at his zipper, unable to release him fast enough for my desperation. After what felt like an age, I finally reached my hand inside his tweed pants and wrapped my fingers around his dick. He had no underwear in the way which was really fucking sexy.

Ace has a perfect cock. The perfect size, the perfect shape and the perfect aesthetic. His skin felt smooth as I moved my hand up and down his beautiful erection. Some pre-cum had oozed from him and I used it to tease his head with my thumb, while keeping my fingers wrapped around him. I didn’t want to let go, but I needed to feel him inside me.

Moving my thong to one side, I guided myself over him. Ace looked up at me with his mouth parted, and with pure stormy lust in his blue eyes. While holding his gaze, I caressed myself with the tip of his cock. His groan deepened as he felt my wetness. It felt like my lips were furling open to accept him inside. I couldn’t wait anymore, I slid myself slowly down on top of his rock hard dick. Feeling every inch of him be swallowed up in my wetness. We both exhaled in relief as we fully connected, both physically and chemically. He felt perfect inside me.

My hips found a natural rhythm as I moved up and down, grinding myself onto him. The whole world disappeared around us, all that existed was his dick and what it was doing to me. I leaned forward and kissed him deeply as I moved with more vigor. My pussy was soaking, dripping onto his tweed pants with every thrust. Ace pushed his hips upwards to meet me, we were completely in synch.

All of a sudden, I heard a noise behind me. I was facing the wall and turned around to see the hostess pop her nosy head around the door. “Do you need any more drinks love?” She enquired.

“No, we’re good!” I squeaked, trying to not move a muscle. We must have looked like naughty children getting caught out. It was such a jarring experience to be brought back to reality with a thump, also with the fear of being caught and fired in the mix. The hostess left us to it. I wonder if she could tell what we were doing? She must have felt the tension in the air, or smelled the sex. Either way, she acted like nothing was amiss. My heart was pounding! Thank god I still had my dress around my waist, which must have covered most of what was going on….

I turned back to Ace and we both giggled. Luckily he was still hard inside me and hadn’t been scared flaccid. “Fuck me, that was close.” I said as Ace pulled me back to our moment with his lustful eyes. As my heart returned to a normal pace, I began slowly moving myself up and down. We easily resumed where we had left off.

My hips bucked against his as we rocked ourselves into a hot, wet mess. I could feel his cock begin to throb slightly as my pussy moved around him. It was so intoxicating. My body took over and all I wanted in that moment was for him to cum inside me. I began to milk him, squeezing myself around him and physically begging for his cum with my body.

“I want to feel you cum, really fucking deep inside me. Fill me up.” I whispered into his ear as I sucked on the ear lobe and kissed his tattooed neck.

I began to fuck him hard and fast, moving my hips back and forth, up and down. Squeezing myself onto him. I could feel him get harder and start to throb more intensely. His groans were intensifying and he grabbed my hips with both hands, pulling me harder down onto him.

I knew he was close. I willed him to cum with my body and mind, moving even faster. Up and down his cock that was completely soaked by me.

With one last huge upward thrust, and a long groan, Ace throbbed his cum into me with wild abandon. I felt him pulsate as he shot every drop into me. A heat protruded from him and was perceptible to my insides. I pushed myself hard down onto him, as the micro thrusts subsided and Ace slumped down beneath me. Men are just like babies after they’ve cum. The expenditure of energy and testosterone leave them quite helpless.

The room slowly came back into focus as my lust faded slightly. The gravity of my situation began to dawn on me as reality flooded around me. Not only had I almost been caught breaking the rules and fucking at work, I had fucked a stranger (albeit a hot one) without protection. What the fuck was wrong with me? I almost never did that, especially not at work. Something about Ace was so intoxicating that I lost my mind. I had been tunnel vision about wanting him to cum inside me… what the hell?! My body had taken over and I’d left my brain at the door.

“Should I be worried that I came in you?” Ace asked, as if reading my racing mind.

“No, it’s fine.” I lied, while mentally planning to get the morning after pill as soon as the pharmacy opened. ‘I should probably book a visit with my gynecologist while I’m at it’……

Not wanting to ruin this amazing experience with Ace, I relaxed in the knowledge that a plan was in place to cover my bad decisions. I turned my attentions back to him.

We cleaned ourselves up with the beverage napkins that the hostess had left behind. They always leave a generous stack, maybe they know after all that clean ups are a regular occurrence in the club. Ace pocketed our soiled napkins and said he’d dispose of them discreetly. The rest of our time was spent giggling and chatting. I really liked Ace and his quirky, quiet demeanor. We switched numbers and Ace promised to visit me again. Turns out this night was just the beginning of an amazing love affair that was about to unfold between us….. and that’s one of the reasons why Ace is my favorite customer.

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